Nogizaka 46 version musical "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" Sailor Moon official FC pre-reservation guide




★☆Pre-order reservation and ticket drawings - tickets: ticket.pia☆★

2018 April 14th (Saturday) 11:00 am to April 22nd (Sunday) 11:59 pm


*Up to four tickets per person per show can be purchased.

*Multiple shows can be purchased (purchase of shows scheduled at the same time is not valid )

*When purchasing different shows, there is a possibility to win the drawings for all tickets, in which case all tickets must be purchased. It is not possible to only purchase part of the tickets for which you have won the lottery.   

*This system is only for the purchase of the lottery for the actual tickets.

*Other than the cost of the tickets, there is a special sale fee of 216 yen per ticket, a system-use fee of 216 yen per ticket, and other fees depending on the selected payment method.

*The system may not be used between April 17th (Tuesday) 2:30 am and 5:30 am, and April 18th (Wednesday) 12 am to 5:30 am for scheduled system maintenance.



[Online desk (PC and smartphone) ]

1. Please access the information page through the following links.

Please use these links to access the page. ←


2. Place your order by following the instructions on the screen.


- To place your order, you will need to register a (free) Pia account. Please create your account before purchase.

- If you already have a Pia account, please read the notes and proceed with the purchase.

If you need to change information in your Pia account, please do so through the Pia "My page" before purchase.

- This ticket sale uses Pia's "Prereservation" system (a service where tickets are sold through a lottery after they are purchased during a specified time) You need to agree to the Pia terms of use in order to use this service.

- No purchases can be made outside of the lottery period. Please purchase after carefully confirming the start and end-dates of the purchase period.

- You can confirm, change, or cancel the details of your purchase in the "Past lottery purchases" page. Purchases can only be changed or canceled during the lottery ticket purchase period.

- If your internet connection fails during the purchase, the purchase process may not be completed. In that case, please confirm it through the "Past lottery purchases" page.

- Make sure to confirm in the "Past lottery purchases" page.

(When purchasing through PC)

The purchase may not be possible for certain environments, so please confirm beforehand the details under "operation environment - security".

(When purchasing through mobile)

The purchase may not be possible for certain environments, so please confirm beforehand the details under "System - usage environment".


[Lottery results - payment - ticket receipt]

■Results announcement: starting from April 25th (Wednesday) 6:00 pm

- Payments are accepted through 7-Eleven or credit card.

- If paying through 7-Eleven, please pay between the announcement of the results and April 29th (Sunday) 11:59 pm.

If paying through 7-Eleven, there is an additional payment fee of 216 yen per ticket.

 After completing the purchase, take note of the 13-digit "payment number" or print out the "payment document", and bring it to a 7-Eleven store before the payment period ends. You will receive the tickets at a 7-Eleven store.

- When paying through credit card, the settlement is immediate.

The tickets can either be issued at the 7-Eleven store or delivered to your home.

If you choose the delivery option, there will be an additional shipping fee of 617 yen per order.

 The tickets will be delivered to the address specified at the time of purchase. The delivery address cannot be changed after the purchase process is complete.

- If receiving the tickets from 7-Eleven, please have the purchased tickets issued before May 13th (Sunday) 10:00 am

If receiving the tickets from 7-Eleven, there is an additional issuing fee of 108 yen per ticket.

- The following credit cards are accepted.

VISA, MASTER, JCB, Diners, Mitsui Sumitomo Card, CD Card, All UC cards, Pia

- Credit cards issued outside of Japan are not accepted.


[ NOTES ] ★Please read carefully★

 - Please purchase after carefully reading the details on the official site

 - All attendees will be subjected to a baggage and metal-detector check.

- Tickets for children under three years of age cannot be purchased.

- Please purchase tickets through valid vendors (show sponsor, sponsor-approved Play Guides, fan clubs, etc.). The validity of the tickets purchased from unapproved vendors is not guaranteed. Transfer, resale, or purchase of tickets for profit are prohibited. If any illicit activities come to light, the attendee will be forced to leave and punished accordingly.

- As the first and last day of the entry period receive a great number of visitors, please try to avoid the most congested times for your purchase.

- Reservations cannot be changed or canceled after being selected in the lottery (after payment). Please confirm the details of your order carefully, including the date, location, and number of tickets.

- Cast and production schedule are subject to change without notice.

- Some of the seats may have an obstructed view of the stage.

- Minors should have parental consent prior to purchasing tickets and arriving at the venue.

- During the show, the scenes from inside the venue may be recorded and broadcast or distributed.

- For wheelchair accessibility, please contact Nelke Planning after purchasing the tickets.

- Please note that no changes, cancelations can be made to the reservations, and no refunds can be made except in the case of the event being canceled.

Please note that the tickets will not be refunded even in the case of natural disasters or related traffic problems.

- Tickets cannot be reissued under any circumstance (loss, deterioration, etc.) Please store your tickets carefully.

- There is no guarantee that you will be able to obtain a ticket through this lottery. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that you will have access to a good seat. The selection of winning applications and seats does not depend in any way on the order of application but is performed completely randomly between all those who have applied within the prescribed period. Please only purchase tickets if you agree with these conditions.

- The seat number will not be shown at the time of reservation. Please confirm the seat number on the ticket itself.

- Unauthorized reproduction of this information is strictly forbidden.

Please apply for the tickets and purchase after carefully confirming the details.


[Inquiries regarding the pre-reservation methods.]

Check the FAQ in the help page or search for the content of your question in the "search for help" field.

*Please note that we cannot respond to any inquiries regarding the content of the shows, the results of the lottery, and seat placement.

Ticket.Pia TEL : 0570-02-9111 (10:00 am to 6:00 pm)


[Inquires regarding the shows]

Nelke Planning TEL: 03-3715-5624 (Weekdays: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm)