[Pretty Guardians] Important Information for All Members

UPDATE2019.04.10 NEWS

Thank you for your continued support of Pretty Guardians.
This news important information. Please take time to read it to the end.

1. 2019 membership reception started
2. Renewal and Registration on the Japanese and Overseas Sites
3. Delivery Schedule for the 2019 Membership Bonus Items

<1. 2019 membership reception started>
Membership renewal or creation begins on 1 April for the year 2019. Application is open until 30 June, as in past years.

If you wish to continue membership, please follow the procedure for updating on My Page.
Please proceed from the Pretty Guardians overseas site (Pretty Guardians for overseas) when continuing.

▼Pretty Guardians for overseas

※Please note that if you proceed from the Pretty Guardians (Japan site) you used before, you will be treated as a new member registration.


<2. Renewal and Registration via the Japanese and Overseas Sites>
From 2019 on, Pretty Guardians will undergo a makeover, and be split into two sites: the Japanese site and the overseas site.

This email has been sent to all members who are registered to the Pretty Guardians overseas site (Pretty Guardians for overseas).
Members who wish to register a delivery address within Japan should apply for membership again on the Pretty Guardians Japanese site.

Please note that this will be treated as a new membership application, and members will not be able to receive the bonus items for renewing members.
(Year count for consecutive membership, etc. will also be reset.)

The Japanese site is located at:

<3. Delivery Schedule for the 2019 Membership Bonus Items>
The delivery schedule for overseas members in 2019 is included below.
The following bonus items are for renewing members:

Bonus items are set to ship between November and December, 2019.

- membership certificate
  Princess Serenity, Prince Endionion(Bunko version "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" ver.) illustration
- Crystal Star Compact & Cutie Moon Rod Clear Pendant
- Nakayosi gift reproduction style Naoko Takeuchi's "Pretty letter set"